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Get access to our 3L+ client base 

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Peer support and resources

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Flexible work hours

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Regular supervision & upskilling opportunities

Get access to our 3L+ client base 


We Care About Therapist Advocacy

At MindPeers, we believe the mind comes first - for clients, therapists and the larger community.

We’ve added ‘mental health practitioner advocacy’ on our plates. This is our endeavour to put a spotlight on the hard work, skill and contribution of therapists in our everyday lives. We acknowledge that everyday you hold a space for clients and move mountains. You work tirelessly at chipping off stigma, helping them find better versions of themselves and immerse them in hope they didn’t know they could so easily find. On most days, being a therapist takes more than it gives. When you work with us, upskill and receive constant feedbacks, we use these to help you grow into superstars - who get to command their own worth and value!

- Arushi Singh, Chief Psychology Officer

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MindPeers Academy

Advanced short term courses for psychologists of tomorrow


Going beyond the books to understand the up and coming trends & skills needed 

Work opportunities

82% of participants are offered work opportunities with MindPeers within 2 weeks

Community Access 

Get lifetime access to our slack community of psychologists with resources and case studies

Upskilling like a pro

So far we’ve conducted 25+ cohorts and empowered 500+ psychologists


Up Next On MindPeers Academy

Rapport Building

The program teaches the art of building a relationship with clients, ways of retaining clients in therapy and using the therapeutic relationship as a tool towards healing.

Starts in May 2023

Social & Transition Anxiety

Millennials & Gen Z are taking up non conventional choices, and that transition comes with it’s fair share of worries. Here we will address those concerns from a practical therapy perspective and help you build your toolkit of resources and knowledge.

Starts in May 2023


What Our Psychologists Say

The flexibility of hours, the varied clientel, and the fact that our team head is a psychologist makes Mindpeers an extremely amazing and understanding work place.

- Shemida Rayan

What I love about Mindpeers is that they prioritise mental health not just of clients but of their employees too. By creating other teams and departments, the work of the therapist becomes efficient as they have a structure to fall back on

- Ehsaas Mehta

Working at MindPeers has been an exceptional experience where I get to exercise my autonomy as an employee (which is rare in the professional world) and get the right kind of support when I need

- Ashna Prahlad

Working with Mindpeers gives me no Monday blues because the team is warm, flexible and practices what it preaches. I can proudly say I love my workplace

- Shreeya Ghag

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