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Upcoming Highlights

Trauma Informed Therapy

WHO says 70% of people will experience some sort of trauma during their lifetime. Being trauma informed helps you understand your client's unique worldview from an adaptation point of view. From " what's wrong with you" to "what happened to you" - all it takes is a trauma informed approach.

Supervision Circles

We offer both: peer and 1:1 supervision with a senior psychologist. Bring a case that you want help navigating or simply sit back and soak in the knowledge from what others bring.

Surprise Speaker Session

She’s an international icon in the psychology world. Bringing her to India for the first time with TheraPeers- details to be revealed soon!

How To Do Therapy 101

What if I don’t know what to say in a session? How do I go about a difficult client? All things about the nuances of how to be a good therapist, beyond the books, covered.

Queer Affirmative Therapy

Being a good therapist includes being informed about how gender, identity and sexuality come together to influence your client's unique experiences in a socio-culturally diverse world. Learn how to hold space for and work with clients on the spectrum.

Mastering CBT and ACT

CBT and REBT beyond the curriculum. How and when do you apply them in sessions? Who does it work for and who does it not? Learn how to identify and challenge clients' unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. Nuanced techniques from our experts coming to you straight from the therapy room.

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